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Dance & Rhythm

Dance & Rhythm

Welcome To Danceandrhythm

Danceandrhythm Brought to you by Kadine Hunter. We are focused on keeping you informed and Entertained on Jamaican dancehall culture by keeping you updated about parties and upcoming dancehall events happening in and around Jamaica. To help make the site better your participation is welcomed so we improve our services. Danceandrhythm welcomes all comments and recommendations. To post your comments and or recommendations just click on MY BLOG and post your comments and we will check it ok.

We have some exciting events and dance competitions coming up soon, so stay tuned!!

Danceandrhythm is all about vibez

We hope to see you again! Come back soon for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Tifa - Nah Stop Shine / Move Your Body

Dancehall, music, rhythm